Kishansinh Gohil

Managing Director -Modtech

Mr. Kishan is Founder and  Managing Director of Modtech Machines Pvt Ltd. He has been an IT professional and been working in US, India and UK.

Mr. Kishan is highly experienced in technology like software development, designing various solutions by using various software tools.

He has started his carrier with IBM in CAD/CAM division and since than he has remained associated with machine manufacture and product development. Today he has 40 years of experience in managing various businesses and has presented white papers and research papers in various forums in India as well as in other countries. His vast experience with the industry and business management is useful to many companies as he has been also consultant and technical advisor to various MNC’s like Microsoft, IBM and ORACLE. He is been associated in Investment casting since last 20 Years.

16:30 - 17:00 Track 1 Session 4 | Smart Factory

Monday 8th May 2023

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