EICF Investment Casting Advanced Process Control for Industry 4.0


The European Investment Casters´ Federation (EICF) in collaboration with the Metallurgy & Research Centre Azterlan and experts from the industry is organizing an educational course focused on the application of advance process control to the Investment Casting product development and manufacturing & inspection processes.

The 6 days course, which is delivered in English, combines both educational lectures with practical exercises and demonstrations. Industry partners are participating to provide case studies of process control application with the latest technological approach.

The course will be ideal for technicians, technologists and engineers working in product development, process engineers, production, quality assurance or management role within the industry, as well as those working in R&D and the materials supply chain – indeed for anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge of investment casting technology and process optimisation. The course would also be suitable for early career graduate engineers and materials scientists seeking to learn about the investment castings process control.

The course has been designed by experienced lecturers and technology specialists, with the support of industrial partners, to ensure that the programme is relevant and suitable for today’s complex investment casting industry.

Participants accreditation shall be granted via a short assessment of acquired knowledges and competences at the end of the course receiving an EICF Certificate of Completion.