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About Azterlan Metallurgy Research Centre

History & Strategy

AZTERLAN is a private Technology Centre specialized in metallurgy focused in performing Research and Development activities linked to the different metallic materials’ transformation technologies, along with an extensive offer of high added value services that provide technical support to improve the competitiveness level of the metal-mechanical industry.

AZTERLAN promotes high added value research work with a strong technology transfer compromise, working in close cooperation with leading national and international scientific and technologial agents.

Every 4 years we review our strategy, aimed at responding to the challenges and mission of AZTERLAN as a Technology Center.

The vision of AZTERLAN is to to become a European reference in metallurgy, promoting basic and applied research with a continuous effort in the generation of knowledge and in the technology transfer to the industry.

A group of highly qualified people who share a common project, in order to provide competitive solutions to the industry. The activity of Azterlan is run through the different technological specialization areas that align the capacities of the center with a clear orientation to the market.

With more than 30 years of experience, AZTERLAN provides a reliable response to the industrial needs offering advanced services and technological support to more than 1,500 customers from different industrial sectors such as iron and steel, automotive, energy, aerospace, marine, oil&gas, railway, machine-tool, urban mobility and mining, among others.

Azterlan has recently become a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA) that gathers 16 Basque science and technology reference agents. Without any doubt this Alliance will help to improve the performance of the mission and the achievement of the objectives of AZTERLAN as a Technology Center.


Management Policy

AZTERLAN is a private non-profit Metallurgical Research Centre, whose main purpose is linked to the generation and transfer of knowledge in the field of metallurgy and the different metallic materials transformation technologies, as well as to provide high added value services that contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness level of the metal-mechanical industry.

Recognized as a Technology Centre by the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and by the Development and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness from the Spanish Government, Azterlan keeps a strong commitment to the country’s industrial and innovation policies.

As a reference key element, Azterlan has adopted a Management System that structures and covers its different activities. This System allows to advance in the pursuit of excellence, ensures compliance with the applicable requirements, including those from the UNE 166002 standard on which it is based, and consolidates the continuous improvement process of the organization.

With the approval of this Management Policy, the management shows its commitment with the compliance of this Policy and takes the compromise to communicate it to all the staff of Azterlan, making it available as well to the different agents and stakeholders directly and indirectly involved in the scope of the activity of the Centre.

Management Policy 

Persons & Values

The human team of AZTERLAN is formed by highly qualified professionals in different areas of knowledge, with a strong level of expertise.

The greatest asset of the Technology Centre is based upon scientific rigor and a customer oriented working style. A human team characterized by professionalism, hardworking spirit and endeavor, honesty, enthusiasm and commitment with the different challenges and needs of each one of its customer companies.

We follow a culture of effort, coherence, rational use of resources, environmental care and professional work, which stand out as reference values of AZTERLAN.

Society demands as well an ethical behavior from persons and organisations. AZTERLAN is committed to this social responsibility model , following this compromise within all the activity areas of the Technology Centre.

AZTERLAN is an entity commited to gender equality, both in the relations and care for the the team that belongs to the organization, as well as in the common activity and collaborations with other people and/or external entities.

Facilities & Equipment

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